Selection 2017

Fiction Short film

Hasta luego, cariño
Hasta luego, cariño. Spain.

Antonello Novellino
Each of us , at least once in his life, has suffered the loss of a loved one .



Las hormigas. Argentina. Mariana Wainstein

Las hormigas

Six days from today, Vera Turiel will be 35 years old. Apparently, it’s just one more number. However, a series of extraordinary events will make her realize that nothing was going on the way she expected.




Yoni and Einatti could have been lovers. But Yoni chose to take it by force. Now Einatti is out for revenge since society and family ignore her in her sorrow. At the same time “He” discovered (or hallucinated) that his fiancée is a prostitute behind his back in their love nest as her business… Is this true or false??! And how shall they close this awkward relationship?



An important call is the trigger for Vicente to face an unresolved issue. A very intimate story about parent-son relationship, described in an authentic, sweet, visually expressive style and with a touch of humor.




A devastating epidemic has wiped out all the mammals on the planet. The cause has been human greed, with its over-exploitation system. A series of chemicals used for the purpose of widening the stomachs of cattle have unleashed an infection that has spread to the entire animal world. Two hunter men arrive after a long trip to a hidden place in search of meat … it is said that there is a surviving cattle ranch near that place. Their craving for meat is extreme and will do anything to achieve their goal.



A desperate artist is losing himself in the alluring illusion of a perfect love, that wakens dreams and desires that lay forever dormant. A love, that mirrors a relationship free of judgment and expectations. But our Hero’s past looms over his happiness like a dark cloud, soon to erupt. PERFECT LOVE is a tragic comedy about a man’s attempt to cope with loneliness and isolation. The film polarizes and offers everyone his or her personal space for projection.

Alvará. Brazil. Pedro von Krüger

The steps to legalize a business establishment in Brazil is not an easy task. When Roberto, married with two kids, decides to invest the family money to open a bar, he faces all kind of corruptions and the dream to get the permit becomes a nightmare. The steps to legalize a business establishment in Brazil is not an easy task. When Roberto, married with two kids, decides to invest the family money to open a bar, he faces all kind of corruptions and the dream to get the permit becomes a nightmare. Being confronted with increasingly difficult obstacles, Roberto may be forced to make a radical.

ROBBERY. Bulgaria. Maria Nikolova


A boy and his pregnant girlfriend, dressed in black clothes and hiding their faces behind masks, sneak into a house through the backyard. In the living room they find what they are looking for – some valuable paintings. The thieves have taken the pictures, but just before they leave, an old man in a wheelchair who has watched them all the time appears in the dark room. After a brief struggle between the boy and the elderly man, the old man receives a wound on the head, and the boy is bitten. The girl is about to help them straighten their wounds. She finds a room full of baby gifts – packed but not gifted. From the gift cards she understands that they have been kept for years, and that the boy they are intended for has the same name and age as her boyfriend.

No Ghosts. Iceland. Ragnar Snorrason

No Ghosts.png

Young Ruth, has recently experienced a great loss. She has the burn marks to show but other wounds run deeper. Her father, ravaged by guilt, takes her to a birthday party where he submits his thoughts to an adult while Ruth does the opposite in her own company of peers. Ruth does not speak a word to the other children and only stares at the ghostly balloons adorning the room, when a boy asks her if she’ll play the seeker in a game of hide and seek, she doesn’t respond. The boy takes her silence as consent and all the kids go hide. Ruth finally decides to seek but instead of looking for the other children she grabs a ghost-balloon, sneaks out of the house and goes in search of her dead brother. Ruth’s father eventually realises she´s gone and after a reverse hide and seek, finds her at the origin of their mutual loss, their burnt down home where she deals with a ghost of her own.


RUPTURE. France. Mike Chevreuil

Victor, shoemaker in a chic area of Paris, is living a fairy tale with Maud, one of his clients. But that evening, the day after their first anniversary, Maud doesn’t answer Victor’s calls.

PASHI. India. Siddharth Chauhan 

A young boy learns about an ancient technique of trapping birds from his old grandmother and begins to practice it.

Sprint to the past

Sprint to the past. Russia. Selkin Fedor.

It’s the story about one of the most beautiful sport – rowing – about the athletes and their memories of days gone by.  It’s the story of three friends and their sporting rivalry in the 1980s and the fate of the sport of rowing in Russia today.







Bridge. Iran. Amin Ghashghaiyan

A teenager, fighting in Middle East, understands that his fellow is a spy and he reveals the entry to a city that is a bridge.




PRIMAVERA INVERNAL. Egipto. Mohamed Kamel

Nour, is a schoolgirl that lives alone with her father, goes through a crisis on the arrival of her puberty and cannot tell her dad and the father didn’t understand the changes that occurred in his daughter’s life, which results in tension between them.





MOUSSE. Suecia. John Hellberg

What could be easier than robbing a small bookie place on the outskirts of town? It’s during the year’s biggest horse race event and the betting center Washington’s Tobacco looks like the ultimate hit for some fast cash. Mousse is a man of pride and principles and is fed up with living as a second-class citizen. But what happens when he faces principles different to his own?




ADAPTATION. Polonia. Bartosz Kruhlik

The Man Who Forgot To Breathe. Iran. Saman Hosseinpuor

A Man who forgets to breathe while sleeping, he recently had a quarrel with his wife, she wanted to leave him and get divorced.


PARROT. Iran. Mojtaba Ghasemi

Gholam Eshghi, known as KASCO (A KIND OF PARROT), is a considerate

dumb and somehow deaf guy who has been arrested accidentally for a few

times and is considered as a person with criminal records. This time, after his

final release from the detention center, he decides to change the way he used to live. Gholam unintentionally gets involved with a new story and comes to the conclusion that the prison might be a safer place for him to live than the society. Finally, Gholam for the charge of releasing a parrot intentionally returns back tothe prison.

From Hasakah With Love

From Hasakah With Love. Iran. Mohammad Frahani

A girl that who’s  family members  have  been murdered , is all alone in the city of Hasakah.

In order to show her  protest   to the ongoing massacre ,she decided to burn herself in front of an webcam.





Animation Short Film



Juan and Laura are in love and they are going to get married. But one of them doesn’t show up in the church…







SARAH , Wrath_s wind

SARAH , Wrath’s wind. Albania. Artan MAKU  

In sky setting, with an abnormal situation of nature, we see 2 (two) children and Era (Wind) playing with each other. When this friendly relationship among them brakes down, Era (Wind) becomes an egotistical character, a witch, and gets angry moving away all the objects. Suddenly, the unexpected happens: everything goes back to their place. The world is created and everything is normal again.



Mezclas fallida. Arturo Higuaín. Peru, USA.jpg

Mezclas fallida. Peru, USA.  Arturo Higuaín.

Pepo and Arturo are friends, until they meet Cristina. Who will you love?







Might of Young Engines. Germany. Julius Hofmann


,,Might of Young Engines’ takes us to a scenario of violence and sexuality with elements of mystery and horror. The Lo-fi renderings and the surreal fragments in the plot tighten the impression of the helplessness of the characters in a corrupted world. The narrative is disrupted by unexpected reality levels, stunning artful images and the curios gestures of the protagonist. The emerging symbols appear like a kind of contrast foil in the movie. They unloaded in a allusion and not in explicit exposure.”

poster MR A   jpeg.jpg

Mr. A. Iran. Siamak Ahmadi

This animation is to demonstrate human effort to establish peace on earth, even if this effort gets nowhere







Documentary Short   



The respect and love for the closest relatives and spouses is one of the cornerstones of every community. Culturally conditioned deviant behaviour is the other side of the value systems underlying these communities. This is a film essay about murders within the family as an indicator of the recent moment in a transitional social code. statement: If we try to understand the genesis of evil, then we cease to condemn, we weigh.

The Reindeer belong to the Wind. Finland. Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen

The sami reindeer herders up in Finnish Lapland worry about plans for mining, railroads, fencing and tourism that are decreasing the area of their traditional summer and winter pastures. Sami actress Anni-Kristiina Juuso (Cuckoo 2002 in Russia and Kautokeino Rebellion 2008 in Norway) is a member of the local sami community and acts as a narrator for this documentary film.

One Year and Eleven Months. Finland. Laura Ukkonen

One Year and Eleven Months.png

One Year And Eleven Months is an autobiographical short film about eleven months during which a woman (the film maker) was pregnant and had twin babies. During the pregnancy artistic work became more and more difficult. The film observes what is her worst fear, loosing the babies or loosing the capacity to work as an artist. The film consists of videos of the woman drawing and drawings and documentary photos she has taken during the past two years.

Anywhere you find yourself. Switzerland. Morena Henke   

A Western backpacker and a Nigerian refugee meet in a hostel in a small Costa Rican town near the border with Nicaragua. The conversation starts with smalltalk but quickly transforms into a deeper exchange. Mathew shares the story of the perilous journey from South America to the US that so many refugees undertake. The small hotel room becomes a space of sharing and telling.

Islands Of Forgotten Cinemas. Croatia. Ivan Ramljak  

A poetic documentary about the lost film culture in the small villages on the Croatian islands during the second half of the last century. Six witnesses of the time are remembering their favorite films and events related to their viewing and screening experiences, which marked their lives.

Among the fine desert dust and the vast Caribbean Sea runs the daily lives of two indigenous girls, who have learned to live in the midst of scarcity of their homes, but also from the meeting with the foreign world that threatens to lead to oblivion traditions of their ethnicity.



Among the fine desert dust and the vast Caribbean Sea runs the daily lives of two indigenous girls, who have learned to live in the midst of scarcity of their homes, but also from the meeting with the foreign world that threatens to lead to oblivion traditions of their ethnicity.




Discovering Grandad. Switzerland. Rifka Fehr

Knowing Grandad my whole life, I thought I knew him very well.
When talking of old times he sometimes revealed facets of himself,
which made me realise that I knew little of his life and little of his whole person.
This gave me the urge to get to know more about him, in the past and present…


ANORMAL.  Colombia/España/Senegal. LUIS GALÁN

What has worried us today? What could we care about if we were a child without even shoes on the streets of Saint Louis? AnorMal is a sample of a journey to poverty, contained in lights and sounds, that makes possible to feel a bit of a reality that has very little to do with ours.





LGBT Short Film   



Julia, a shy girl, goes to a session at Maia’s studio where there will appear memories that were forever slept.





Quiromania ninfomaniaca

Quiromania ninfomaniaca. Brazil.  Danilo Morales 

Lucilla fox é uma prostituta dominatrix, adepta ao sadomasoquismo, leva aos extremos a dor e o prazer.








Insatiable. Germany.  Manuel Mousiol

Patricia is trying to free herself from the ability to completely control her feelings. Her adventurous quest for a solution brings a wrongfully chosen path with a man, but an extradordinary love with woman.
A woman that perceives feelings as colors and brings a sense of normality into her life. Are the new feelings her own, or just imposed?





Experimental short film   

Combinacion. Maria Sanchez. Mexico

Combinacion. Mexico. Maria Sanchez.

Water in all its dimensions … perfect union with nature, where many beings live.









Elävältä Piirtyneet. Finland. Jukka-Pekka Jalovaara

Every autumn I get heavily moody. This is caused by the loss of the light. Last summer I heard a tune called ” the House of the Rising Sun “. At once I was on a wintry road, with a very low light – and having an impossible opponent against me – Lee Van Cleef .

Vuja De

Vuja De. India. Joby Varghese

The changes brought by time in human relations. The dissonances in such changes..And journey of a man that transcends place and time, seeking a solution for those dissonances.

Ovni. Luana Gascón. Argentina SE

Ovni. Argentina. Luana Gascón 

Apparitions in the sky, unidentified flying objects. They are closer than it seems.






Father's letter

Father’s letter. Russia. Denis Filyukov

This film is based on a real event.
The authors have recreated the memories of father, who wrote a letter to the son who committed suicide.

Horror short film.   

O assassino do enforca gato

O assassino do enforca gato. Brazil. Danilo Morales

Family in a summer home is attacked by a ruthless killer.




Laundry Night.jpg

Laundry Night. Sweden. Kevin Gullberg

A young woman gets an unexpected visitor when tending to her laundry.





The worst thing about the virus is not that it damages your body, it invades your soul








Rellano. Spain. Agustín Rubio Alcover 

Carla punishes his son Nacho to remain in the landing. When Pascual, the husband and father, arrives a few minutes later, the child has disappeared. The marriage embarks in a distressing search in the whole building.







Buried in the deepest part of the forest, Carlos leaves behind those empty, dead eyes that have been tormenting him ceaselessly. What happens to him from that moment on, while he returns home in search of his daughter, nobody knows, nobody understands… not even God.